From manufacturing to consuming

All Merlin foaming soaps are being made using certified natural ingredients. Both Merlin soap bars and liquid soaps can be used as hand cleaners and for body/hair wash. Merlin has been proudly manufacturing luxurious, deep cleansing, handmade foaming soaps since 2000. Guarded methods and advanced “third generation” formulas with a core of natural ingredients are guaranteed to satisfy everybody’s needs. All ingredients are chosen on the basis of their freshness and purity and most of them are certified as organic. Hydrating, refreshing, affordable, Merlin soaps can be used to remove makeup or as a substitute for shaving foam. No wonder why Merlin’s soap bar is frequently called “a miracle bar.”

Our policy on the ingredients use

We do not use harmful to human health ingredients

Did you know that many commercial brand soaps contain up to 10% metal ingredients (metal esters of lipids) that are responsible for creating long term skin irritations? Merlin Soap is committed to a policy of not using metals or metal containing ingredients (e.g. Tetrasodium Etidronate, Pentasodium Pentetate or the like) into our soaps. Furthermore, we do not use harmful and potentially cytotoxic ingredients (like Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone) that are also responsible for long term irritations and allergies on human skin.

Manufacturing the Merlin transparent soap bar

Step by step their manufacturing process

Merlin soaps are formed by a process called saponification (esterification), a chemical reaction between a combination of fats (such as vegetable oils) and an alkali such as lye. The soap formula is so pure that no preservative is neither required nor contained within our soaps. We use four powerful disinfectants to all our formulas (tea tree oil, urea, quaternary ammonium chloride and traces of hydrogen peroxide) to deep cleanse your skin from powerful pathogenic microbes. Merlin soaps are appropriate for aromatherapy and chromotherapy, even for the most delicate and sensitive skin types. Babies and small children just love them. See how they are made:

Step 1

Merlin soaps are cooked for a total of two days allowing for two separate sittings, where the soap formula is allowed to rest and impurities are filtered to the bottom and drained.

Step 2

Fine fragrance is infused into the formula, which will last the entire lifetime of Melin’s soaps. We use only essential oils as fragrances to our soaps. No artificial colours or perfumes are being used, as they can cause skin irritations.

Step 3

After a neutral base soap is saponified, it is placed in silica molds and allowed to set for 48 hours.

Step 4

The one month air-drying maturation period of Merlin magical soaps takes place on wooden bases, in a controlled temperature and humidity hygienic room that strengthens the cleaning and disinfectant properties of the soap, while, at the same time, stabilizing the strength and durability of the perfumes.

Step 5

Finally, only the best handmade bars are able to produce soaps with such fine etchings.