Packaging of soap bars

A sensational gift

Merlin aromatic soap bars are handmade, hand wrapped and presented in luxury paper boxes, making them a truly unique and special gift for all occasions. Pamper yourself or a beloved one with Merlin’s magical soap bar and liquid soap gifts. Oval, square or rectangular in shape, these soaps gently cleanse and moisturize skin, leaving it smooth and sweetly fragranced.

What you get

Shape and nominal weight

Merlin oval, square or rectangular transparent soap bars come with the following different types:


  • 62 gr soap bar for massage
  • 70 gr rectagular shaped soap bar
  • 102 gr oval shaped soap bar
  • 106 gr square shaped soap bar
  • 124 gr square shaped soap bar, king size
  • 142 gr rectagular shaped soap bar, king size

Either paper or transparent plastic presentation box.